Every great story

starts with a little Vixen.

The Vixen Story

even good girls need a night off or a trip to St. Simons

Vixen Enterprises was conceived after a girls’ trip to St. Simons Island in Georgia. It was an idea that came to fruition after a few “slightly dirty martinis” and several sun-soaked hours lying by the pool. It was an idea that took root and told hold of friends who wanted to make a difference in their lives. Who wanted to take control, to be empowered, and to hopefully empower other women to take a chance on their dreams and big ideas, too.

After all, women like to hang out, chill out and drink vodka just like the boys. But research and distillers showed that no vodka brand currently on the market tapped into targeting women. In fact, it was a boys’ club waiting for a revolution. So they decided then and there it was time to change all that. And they raised their glasses to toast an idea that eventually became Vixen Enterprises.

Vixen Bios

LeeAnn Maxwell

Chief Executive Officer

LeeAnn spent over 28 years in the financial industry and about as long in a marriage. Once both those chapters were over, LeeAnn realized a few things: first, she wanted more out of life; and second, she wanted to rediscover herself. She wanted to find the woman she used to be and the one she always wished she had the courage to become. LeeAnn is a natural leader, whose quest to rediscover herself turned into her “Why not?” motto that inspired the Vixens to follow their dream.

“I enjoy a Vixen cosmo – blush pink – and always icy cold.”

Carrie King

Director of Marketing

For Carrie, life was a routine. And although she experienced much success during her 12 years in corporate America – rising from a PR intern to a marketing director – things were comfortable. Predictable. Safe. But if you ask anyone who’s ever done anything spectacular, they’ll say the same thing: that they went out of their comfort zone and took a chance. And she’s doing just that. Now, Carrie is embracing each moment, each opportunity, and enjoying every second of being a Vixen.

“I like my Vixen on the rocks, with a splash of soda and a twist of lime — simple, delicious, easy.”

The Vodka

naughtiness distilled

Crafted in Colorado using corn and Rocky Mountain spring water, then distilled 5x in one of only a few glass stills in the world, Vixen Vodka is not only smooth and crisp — it’s figure friendly and gluten free.

So what do people say after they’ve tasted it?
Read for yourself.

“This is a sippin’ vodka.”

– A party girl who wants to pace herself

“Your vodka is dangerously delicious.”

– 35-year-old boy toy

“I’ve been a wine drinker for years – up until now. Now I’ll only drink Vixen.”

– Proud suburban mom

“This is the smoothest vodka I’ve ever tasted.”

– A bartender extraordinaire

The Anthem

a warrior in stilettos

I am more than my reflection in the mirror. I am bold. Brilliant. Beautiful. I rule every room I enter. I am empowered. I live life on my terms, not terms dictated by celebrity trash mags. (Although let’s face it, a good trash mag makes a plane ride a lot less boring.)

I am a survivor. A warrior in stilettos. And every accomplishment I’ve ever made, every heartbreak I’ve overcome, I’ve done it with class, sass and a glass half-full. Because being a Vixen is a badge of honor — a commitment to myself that I’m worth it, that I’m incredible just as I am.

I am a Vixen.


one sip and you’ll forget what’s his name

Vixen Vodka is so smooth it’s virtually a sipping vodka. So whether you like it on the rocks or mixed with cranberry and lime, it will never leave a bitter taste in your mouth. And from the feedback we’ve been getting from the people who’ve tried it and poured it — it’s dangerously delicious.

View Vixen Recipes

Classic Vixen

2 1/2 oz Vixen Vodka
1/2 oz Dry vermouth
1 Green olive or lemon twist for garnish

Just like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, this drink is pure class. And it tastes like it, too. Just pour Vixen and vermouth into a shaker filled with ice. Next step: shake for at least 30 seconds, and then strain it into a chilled martini glass. Want it a little dirty? All you have to do is splash a little olive brine in it, and you’re good to go. To dress it up, add an olive or lemon twist.

Superstar Vixen

1 oz Vixen Vodka
3 oz Ginger beer
1 1/2 oz Raspberry lemonade

Ever feel like you were destined for incredible things? That all it’ll really take is a wish on a shooting star? Then what you need is a drink that celebrates those very things – a drink you can toast to what’s ahead. Simply combine Vixen with all the ingredients listed above, and pour over ice in a tall iced tea glass. Then dress it up with a slice of star fruit.

Redheaded Vixen

2 oz Vixen Vodka
4 oz Spicy tomato juice
1 tsp Wasabi
1 Dash of Worcestershire
1 Dash of soy sauce

Sometimes you just need a little spice in your life. And nothing brings it out like this tasty beverage. All you have to do is mix Vixen with tomato juice in a shaker. Then add wasabi, Worcestershire and soy sauce. Shake gently and pour into tall glass with ice. And finally, garnish with celery, a pickled green bean or pickled okra.

Sassy Southern Vixen

2 oz Vixen Vodka
1 oz White cranberry peach cocktail

There’s nothing like sippin’ a cocktail on your front porch in the South. And there’s nothing like a Georgia peach. This drink pays homage to both. Combine Vixen and white cranberry peach cocktail in a shaker. Then shake gently and pour over ice. Best of all, this can be made as a punch for any Vixens that might pop by for a little girl time.

Violet Vixen

1 - 1/3 oz Vixen Vodka
2/3 oz of Blueberry liqueur
1 Splash of fresh lemon juice

Everyone knows blueberries are a good source of anti-oxidants. And while this drink may not give you the full benefits of taming those free radicals, it might help you tame a boy toy or two. Just infuse Vixen with fresh blueberries and then garnish with a twist of lemon. Feeling a little mojito moment coming on? Add muddled blueberries and mint. It’s that easy.

Wicked Vixen

1 oz Vixen Vodka
1/2 oz Midori Liqueur
1 oz Lime-flavored LaCroix sparkling water
1/2 oz Pineapple juice

Sometimes you just gotta be a little naughty. And this drink will help you harness your inner bad girl. You know, the one guys can’t take their eyes off of and the girls secretly envy. Well, all you have to do is combine Vixen, Midori and pineapple juice into a shaker. Then shake gently and pour over ice. Lastly, add LaCroix and stir. To give it a little extra flare, add a wedge of lime.

More Recipes

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