10 Life Lessons I Learned From My Dog(s)

I am an absolute dog nut. I literally talk to them non-stop in the hopes they understand what I am saying and one day respond back…in which they will probably ask me to shut up. But when it comes to pups, my opinion is, the more the merrier! I would be a crazy dog lady if my husband didn’t keep me in check. So for now, two is my lucky number, and Chaplin and Harold are my wonder dogs!

But more importantly, they are such amazing animals and as I have watched their selfless, loving behavior over the years, it has made me realize…I/we can learn a lot from our dogs.

So here goes..

1. Persistence will lead to success. If you sit next to me and paw my computer for long enough, I will take you out, give you treats, rubs, you name it…#youwin

LB No work

2. Exercise is fun and a good old-fashioned walk everyday is necessary. You’d think they won the lottery when I grab the poop bags! #getupandgo
CH Walk

3. Grazing on your food is just fine, no need to devour as if you are never going to be fed again. #guilty
Playing couch

4. Sometimes a little quiet time to unwind is good for the soul. I find my talking, snuggles and rubs, sometimes lead to a little down time in their houses or my grandmother’s chair. #momisannoyingKingLB

5. Walk around the house naked and be confident (just make sure your blinds are closed). #selfexplanatory #collarsoff

CH Pals

6. Treats are exciting and you should occasionally treat yourself. Whether it be anew toy, a car ride or a snack, these pups light up when they are rewarded with a treat. #prizes

CH Car ride7. Be excited to see the ones you love. There’s nothing better than a happy, loving greeting. These crazy animals jump to high heavens when I open that door, even if I just walked out to get the mail…how can that not put a smile on your face. #becauseimhappyWhat
8. People enter our lives for a reason, be accepting and welcoming. When we nabbed Harold the Wonder Dog (aka. lil brothers) off theinterstate, he didn’t run. He looked relieved and immediately began to love. He needed us and we needed him. We accepted each other. #thankfulLB

9. It’s ok to act silly and be the class clown. Try not to take life too seriously. Chaplin (aka. baby zirl) has a certificate that says she passed obedience training…I’m pretty sure they just didn’t want us to come back. #takesafterherdad
BZ Happy
10. Love. And when you don’t think you can’t 
love anymore, Love and Love unconditionally. #kissesrule

And of course, nothing is better than snuggling up with these pups with a Vixen cocktail!